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RD: Xan app by XanZenKohai RD: Xan app by XanZenKohai
[] INFO []

[] Name [] Zena Kaai

[] Alias [] Xan

[] Age [] 15

[] Birthday [] April 30th

[] Gender [] Female

[] Weapon [] Two crowbars (( Found in a shed near the school))

[] Opinion on What's Happening [] 
At first she was very confused and didn't understand what was happening. Now she is scared to death and only wants to survive and get out.

[] Relationship's [] 

[] Personality [] 
Already high strung before the game, she is now a stressed out mess. She keeps up a facade of being cool and collected but inside she is in a constant state of panic. She is very calculating and it's probably the reason she hasn't died thus far since she wasn't in the best of shape before this all began.

[] Likes/Dislikes [] 
+ Rabbits (real ones, but how long that will last with this game is yet to be determined XD)
+ Her scarf. 
+ Reading people's body language (like a game to her)
+ Exploring
+ Jokes
+ Adventure movies and books

- Her smile
- Predatory animals
- Mean people
- Salty snacks
- Sleeping (too vulnerable for hours)
- People pulling her scarf down from her mouth
- Violence

[] History [] 
As a little kid, Zena grew up with only her mother and little sister Yuna. Zena and Yuna had a very close relationship as little kids, often joking around and hanging out with one another. This changed, however, when Zena started growing up. At the age of 11 she started to push away from both Yuna and her mother, too worried with her grades and the constant bombardment of adults questioning what she wanted to do with her life. Her anxiety grew to such a point that she would constantly be in a state of panic that made her close herself off from everyone and hide in her closet as soon as she would return home. One day as she was hiding away after school, her phone went off. Not having any friends, she expected the message to be from her sister or mother telling her it was time to eat, but she was pleasantly surprised that it was a game. Seeing a small rabbit, she smiled  and clicked it. "Rabbit Doubt?" she said to no one in particular. "What an odd name for a game....Kind of cute though *she chuckled before pressing 'Yes'....thus sealing her fate.
Enjoy The Game Little Rabbit~

[] Other [] 
:bulletblack: She's 5'2 (I know she's tiny xD but I'm 5'2 as well)
:bulletblack: Always looks around for hidden areas just in case she needs to hide for any reason (did this before the game and now comes in handy)
:bulletblack: Wears scarf to hide her face due to her intense shyness
:bulletblack: If a friend ever needs to find her, she's probably hidden in the smallest, darkest part of a room to be alone to her thoughts
:bulletblack: Uses the alias "Xan" due to this being the name her sister called her when they were younger
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JJPumpkinMassacre Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
shes so pretty~
welcome to the group~
XanZenKohai Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you~ ^^
PacificIslanderGirl Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Student Filmographer
welcome to the group!
Misaki: Hi there! I'm Misaki Mori! Can I hug you? : 3
XanZenKohai Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you ^^

Xan: I-I guess? O-Okay -////-
PacificIslanderGirl Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Student Filmographer
Misaki: *hugs Xan*
Lemonthrower Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Welcome to the group! She's so precious awhhh //pets
I hope she and Rieko become good friends~ Rieko is quite a loud mouth but hopefully it's not overwhelming!
XanZenKohai Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Sure~ I rp through notes and Skype. That ok?
Lemonthrower Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Of course darling~ Just whenever you want message me through notes or send me your skype
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